Collections Insurance

A collections insurance policy is a must for protecting your most prized possessions. Specifically, the right insurance for collectibles can cover anything from jewelry and artwork to rare books, stamps, and everything in between.

If you already have a home insurance policy in place, you might assume that your collections are covered by your existing homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, the reality is that many home insurance policies don’t include the right coverage for collectibles. This is especially true when it comes to limitations on valuation.

At Kettle Creek, we have the experience and knowledge to provide true coverage for your collectibles. The end result? Added peace of mind for you and protection for your unique valuables.

The Importance of Collections Coverage

A standard home insurance policy typically isn’t enough to cover collectibles for a number of reasons. For starters, most home insurance policies only include coverage for the cost of an item at the time you purchased it. In reality, collections tend to appreciate in value over time—and of course, there’s also inflation to consider.

With the right collections insurance policy, you’ll be insured not just for the amount you purchased your collection for, but its current value based on an appraisal. Collections insurance policies also come with inflation protection for your added peace of mind. Furthermore, a collections policy will ensure that you receive the full replacement value of your collection in the event of a loss that includes the cost of any shipping, framing, or other services needed to fully restore your collection. This type of insurance is also perhaps the only all-risk policy with few (if any) exclusions—and at the time of loss, there is no deductible to be paid.

Kettle Creek Collections Insurance

No matter what type of collection you have, Kettle Creek is here to help. Some of the more common types of collections insurance policies we offer include:

  • Fine Art Insurance
  • Wine Collection Insurance
  • Collectors Auto Insurance
  • Jewelry Insurance
  • Art Collection Insurance

If you’ve been seeking collections insurance in Weston or the surrounding areas, we encourage you to begin by requesting a quote from our experienced collections insurance agents in Weston. You’ll find that we offer a wide range of services as part of your coverage that can serve you well, including agreed value coverage that never depreciates. We also offer automatic coverage of any new additions to your collection; let us know about the new addition within 30 days of acquiring it.
Our collections policies also include broad coverage, so you can rest assured that your valuables are covered in the event of accidental breakage, theft, fire, or other natural disaster. All of this comes with our unrivaled service and expertise in the collectors insurance realm. You’ll also find that our policies are written based on an “Agreed Value,” which includes built-in protection at the time of loss if the market value is greater than the insured value.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your most prized possessions; make sure you have the right collections insurance in CT. Kettle Creek is proud to offer collectibles insurance services, in addition to general coastal insurance services and affluent insurance policies.

Contact our knowledgeable and experienced team to begin your quote today; we look forward to serving you with a comprehensive collections insurance policy.