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Collector Vehicles

Antique and Collector Cars - Luxury Car InsurancePeople collect cars for a variety of unique reasons. Youthful memories, club activities and investment diversification are among the reasons often sited. And, they have proven to be very good investments too.

Given their significant value, antique and classic collector vehicles have unique insurance requirements. In many instances, they are like artwork on wheels. Coverage should be on an Agreed Value basis that properly reflects the car’s unique collector market value. Up to date valuations are important to assuring that coverage reflects market value.

car-insurance-2Despite being insured properly, the cost of insurance can be well less than the premium for your every-day around town car. This is because the insurers expect limited use and they recognize that owners are typically passionate fair weather drivers that extend special care given the collectible nature of the car. Some insurers have mileage requirements and other don’t. Not all policies are the same.

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