Homeowners Insurance

You take a great deal of pride in your home—and rightfully so. Unfortunately, many luxury homeowners in Weston, Redding, and the surrounding CT areas don’t even realize they’re underinsured. At Kettle Creek Insurance, we offer the comprehensive insurance coverage you need to protect the full value of your beloved home.

Types of Coverage to Look For

There are many different types of coverage to look for when choosing an insurance policy for your luxury home. Property insurance is a given, but if you don’t have guaranteed replacement coverage as part of your property insurance, you’re not adequately protected. Specifically, guaranteed replacement coverage ensures that your home will be rebuilt entirely from the ground up in the event of a major catastrophe; sadly, not all home insurance carriers are equipped to offer this important type of coverage.

In addition to property insurance, you’ll also want to make sure that the contents of your home, including valuable articles (like jewelry and artwork), are protected. Under a “standard” home insurance policy, this may not be the case unless you’ve specifically purchased insurance riders for your valuable items.

Loss-of-use and personal liability coverage should also be included as part of any luxury home insurance policy. These can provide protection if you’re unable to live in your home for any reason (fire/smoke damage, mold, etc.) or if anybody is injured on your property.

Some other potential types of coverage you may want to look for in a luxury home insurance policy include:

  • Umbrella coverage with high limits
  • Coverage for multiple locations (including vacation homes)
  • Identity theft insurance

At the end of the day, you deserve the peace of mind in knowing that the luxury home you’ve worked so hard for is fully covered.

The Kettle Creek Advantage

When you insure your home with Kettle Creek, you can rest assured that you’re getting the comprehensive homeowners insurance policy you need. We specialize in offering luxury insurance to homeowners in Weston, Redding, Greenwich, and the surrounding CT communities.

Our coastline insurance agency takes great pride in offering you the security you deserve, along with a concierge-level of service that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Allow our experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents to assist you in choosing the coverage that’s right for your home based on all your unique circumstances. From guaranteed replacement coverage to liability protection and everything in between, Kettle Creek focuses on high-end homeowners insurance for hard-working people.

Contact Our Team Today

Find out more about our specific homeowners insurance in CT (including our coverage offerings) by contacting our team today. You can reach Kettle Creek Insurance by giving our office a call directly at (203) 222-9052 or get your quote online in a matter of minutes.

We look forward to providing you with the personalized coverage you need for the luxury home you’ve worked so hard for.