Insurance for the Affluent

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Insurance for the Affluent

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Kettle Creek understands that the affluent have very unique risk exposures and special needs created by their wealth. This includes:

  • More Possessions
  • Higher Value Assets
  • Greater Concentration of assets
  • More Locations
  • More of Life’s adventures
  • More Toys
  • Greater liability exposure

Those individuals and families that have been fortunate to create and build wealth are able to manage risk in more efficient and less costly fashion.

The principals of Kettle Creek have first hand experience in managing the risks and needs of the affluent. We ourselves enjoy the benefits of affluence and have experienced and been frustrated by the inability or unwillingness of the insurance industry to respond to our wants and needs. As a result, Kettle Creek has crafted its product and service capabilities to meet the specific needs of the affluent including:

  • Concierge Level Service
  • Superior and Broader Insurance Coverage
  • Customized and Tailored Coverage
  • One Stop Shopping For All of Your Risk Management Needs
  • Access to Specialty Providers
  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • Confidentiality

With wealth comes risk, but with that wealth comes the ability to manage that risk in unique ways.